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Legal Process Outsourcing

Information Technology has transformed the entire world community in to a global village and these changes have affected the legal profession also. Several law firms are already gaining significant benefits by off shoring their back office operations to India. With our experience of handling a variety of legal issues, we have a team of trained and efficient legal professionals for providing Legal Process Outsourcing Services to our overseas clients. As a full service Legal resource, IndiaLegal offers specialized solutions across the large and diverse legal marketplace – from small boutique practices to regional and international law firms. We offer following outsourcing services to our clients.

  • Trade Mark Documentation
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Patent & Trade Mark Search
  • Drafting Patent applications
  • Status tracking of your trade mark/ patent application
  • Status tracking , reporting and watch on legal proceedings in India
  • Documentation relating to Patents.
  • Research & Legal Opinion on Indian Law.
  • Comprehensive Legal Research & Review.
  • Litigation Support of all nature
  • Commercial Documentation Support
  • Legal pleadings and presentations support
  • Paralegal and legal support service

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